The attention item that chooses wei yu


The space that defend bath also is the place that can reflect the user most to the quality pursuit of the life and the enjoyment degree on the life.But a lot of people do not know to choose skill when wei yu of choose and buy, so very easy by guide buy blubluy go buying the wei yu that cannot be used at all in a few lives, perhaps be some kind of needless function.That summed up a few toilet commonly used today the choose and buy that defend bath is nodded, oneself can be bought again practical the wei yu that saves money. One, intelligent closestool The function of intelligent closestool is a lot of, but some function are very chicken rib, won't use in daily life at all.But some shopping guide to these as a selling point to pit you, should pay attention to oh. 1. Select intelligent toilet with remote control for convenient adjustment 2. Choose the instant heating method 3. The water outlet mode is preferably pulse type 4, with the function of power flushing 5, in addition to hot water washing but also choose a hot air drying Second, the flower is aspersed Flower is aspersed cent is common flower is aspersed and constant temperature is aspersed, the proposal buys constant temperature, use rise more comfortable. 1, general shower preferred ceramic valve core, constant temperature shower preferred wax sensitive valve core 2, the main material of copper material, CUPC certification 3. Shower set with lifting bracket 4, labeled "supercharged shower" is not really useful Three, shower room 1, the frame of the shower room preferably anti-fingerprint processing of stainless steel 2, the door of shower room chooses sliding door preferably, take up a space a few smaller 3. The thickness of tempered glass can be 8mm with 3C mark About wei yu choose and buy the point introduces here to everybody, still have what the doubt about wei yu choose and buy, everybody also can leave a message in message area message.

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